If you haven’t been over to Cyclingnews today, you need to quit reading this and head over there. All I can say by way of preview is that Georg Totschnig may not be such a longshot anymore. Oh, and please do come back to the blog when you get a chance.

For today’s weekend extra, I just want to share a couple of leftover-type interesting facts about the Park City E100 12-hour that I wasn’t able to fit into the race review. Be excited. No really …

number one: I spent most of my final lap riding with three-time olympic cross-country skier Wendy Wagner. Wendy retired shortly after the Torino Olympics and has since taken to other challenges, namely the solo category of the 12-hour. Crazy woman.

numero dos: The guy from the story who expected to be pulling down 45-minute laps throughout the entire race actually started out meeting his goal pretty well … until he crashed his full-suspension bike and eventually quit. To his credit, he did spend some time riding around on a hardtail. His reaction to crashing out? "It’s not like there’s any prize money or anything."

numero trois: One of the fastest laps at the 12-hour was set by a guy on a singlespeed 29er from the quad team sitting next to us. As it turns out, he occasionally rides with a cousin of mine who lives in Utah. I guess my cousin (who’s currently winning the 30-39 expert category at the Intermountain Cup) kicks his butt every time they ride. It made me feel less guilty about the fact that I’ve never gone for a ride with said cousin.

Okay, Mrs Botched sent over her batch of photos from the race, so I figured this time I could share with you some of my favorites. In case you’re curious, those feet were my feet on the table during my first professional massage.

By the way, you might want to wait one more day to see who actually starts the Tour de France before you set up a fantasy tour team. Best of luck!


6 thoughts on “Dang!

  1. Kelly

    I don\’t know why I like seeing pictures of my favorite bloggers. I just do. So, I am glad to see you. And your feet. And the dirt on your feet.

    You said they were your feet, but I don\’t know which of the other pictures are you. Or Botched.

    I\’m going to take back that thing I said now about seeing pictures. I should have clarified that I want to see their FACES.

  2. Zed

    Dodge- I\’ll agree that it\’s shocking, but dude the sport will survive …
    Mocha- I\’m the shorter one. Actually, that was kind of intentional so I could preserve our anonymity. By the way, are you saying I\’m one of your favorite bloggers? You\’re too kind.
    Tom- Yeah, I had to upload these photos from my home computer–the one that doesn\’t have photoshop. I suppose I could download Gimp next time I\’m running on the wireless card … but my dial up would take forever.

  3. Unknown

    I just finished an 80 miler from here at the campground, then to my suprise, the new owners put in high-speed wireless, so now I can blog on the weekend. How cool.
    BTW, Botched, you can have the 30 lbs I\’m trying to get ride of. The new jersey I am wearing make me look like a stuffed sausage, and may have to be cut off, as it is sweat-glued to my back. Sorry for putting that picture in your heads.

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