The Best Part

I love riding–sincerely, I do. But I think I’ve decided that I love something else about riding even more.

When you’ve been out for a ride in the rain or the snow, and you’ve had water spraying off your fenderless tires and onto your back for hours on end, soaking through your ‘moisture-wicking’ clothing until it’s sitting right up against your skin where the wind can get it nice and icy, forcing your leg muscles to a state of near crampage, there’s nothing in the world (at that moment) better than replacing that water with nice, hot shower water. Oh yeah, sitting down in your shower (which shouldn’t be done unless you clean it regularly) and just allowing the heat from the water to absorb into your frigid muscles–particularly in the lower back and shoulders. Nothing better.

Conversely, after a ride in the 90-100 degree dry heat, when you’ve had sweat run across your nose like someone turned a faucet on at your forehead, having it sting your eyes and any open wounds, feeling it dry in the wind until its salts are sticking to your cheeks, watching it crust over on your toptube, there isn’t a whole lot nicer than getting into a shower, turning it as cold as it will go and standing in the stream until you’re more frozen than the vegies in your freezer and the last of that crusty sweat has been rinsed off. There isn’t much better, but I can think of one thing …

… just one …

… the cold pool at Green Canyon. And yes, I meant the COLD pool at Green Canyon. Nothing better.

And, by the way, my record for staying immersed in the cold pool up to my neck is one minute and 19 seconds–right after a 30-mile ride. Beat that.

P.S. Major condolences to Botched for having his bike stolen. That just makes me paranoid about my own. In fact, I think it’s unlocked outside as I write this. I think I’m going to go remedy that situation …


9 thoughts on “The Best Part

  1. Dodger

    I totaly get the cold water bit.  I like feeling the cold water run down my head, off my chin.  I swear it warms up considerable by the time it hits my chest.  That is a hot day in the lower valley.  dig it

  2. Big Guy on a Bicycle

    I just spent two days describing a long bike trip that ends at a cold stream.  I am so in tune with your sentiment here that it\’s eerie.

  3. Tim D

    The best part is without doubt the bragging rights.  No matter how lowley you think your efforts are, there is always someone who will be in awe of what you\’ve done.  A few more years ago than I care to recount, Jayne and I rode up to  a motel in Prescott, after having set off from Wickenburg that morning.  It gladdened our hearts when the girl on the checkin said she didn\’t eve like to drive that road, it was too hard in a car.  She couldn\’t believe that we were on a tandem, riding these roads just for fun.  We at least must be sponsored?

  4. uncadan8

    That PC 12-hour looks pretty sick. In a good way. If I were into that kind of thing. Sheesh! I think I\’ll stick to the road.

  5. Kelly

    Poor Botched! That\’s awful. So sorry about that. When I got mine stolen in college I scanned every single person on a bike for at least 3 years. Never did find the thing.
    I prefer to just profusely sweat on my own during the ride and let the stench torture my family when I come back home. That\’s love I tell you.

  6. Zed

    Mocha- He he. That\’s totally your style. By the way, I would\’ve left a comment on your blog the other day, but my dial-up started acting up. Bummer about leaving spaces–I\’ll have to check out your blogspot.
    Botched- Dr Pepper? Really?
    Dan- you sure? I don\’t think it\’s too late to change it to a four-man …
    Tim- I know it. When people hear that I\’ve "raced" my bike a couple of times, it\’s always followed by a clarification about whether I\’ve competed with Lance Armstrong. That\’s a laugh.
    BGOAB- It gets a lot hotter where you\’re at. I\’m sure you understand it better than I do. Do you still get the urge to jump in when it\’s humid outside?
    Dodger- Texas heat is probably a lot like the heat here–dry. It feels so good to just get the dust out of your tear ducts.

  7. uncadan8

    If I could come out and ride and fear no repercussions at work, I\’d be there in a heart beat! I\’d have to get my mountain bike rolling though. Right now the rear hub rolls for about a quarter turn and stops, so I am assuming the bearings are shot.

  8. Unknown

    ohmygosh, i\’ve reappeared, and with few excuses to offer you other than busy, busy, busy. so stolen bikes, jumping in cold springs. ok, i think i\’m caught up.

    how\’s summer riding, caloi? after months of waiting for such temperatures, you\’ve now got a sweat faucet on your forehead.

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