Two weeks away from the PC 12-hour, of which I am responsible for half. No pressure.

But yes, I decided it was time to bite off a little more than I could chew today. This morning, Jason and I took to Kelly Canyon for an mtb climbing workout. We took on much of the race course from the Kelly Canyon race, but we also did some exploring that led us to a few trails I’d never ridden on. I have a lot of work to do and not much time to do it in.

After two hours (or more, I wasn’t really counting) of mountain bike fun, we got to the end of Moose Run to discover that somewhere along the way my derailleur cable had snapped and left me shiftless. So that was the end of that.

We got back and decided to give the road bike hillclimb a go instead. I ate a sandwich and some Hammer Heed, and we headed out for hill repeats on Poleline. After that, we hit Jason’s favorite climb, Millhollow, for a cool down when, somewhere along the route, Jason, who’d borrowed my only remaining spare tube just to do the ride in the first place, had a flat. Apparently my luck with flats is contagious. So that was the end of that.

That’s okay, I was pretty much blown apart by then anyway. Now that I’ve had the realization that I’m down to a mere 13 days before my first major endurance race, I’m starting to really wonder where I’ll find the time to get the training in. I suppose we’ll see. Either way, the plan right now is to have another one of these kill-your-legs sessions next week, with or without ride company.

P.S. So far, the Hammer Heed is good stuff. I wasn’t nearly as dizzy as I usually am at the conclusion of today’s ride, which is promising. It seems to be making recover a lot easier, and that’s the name of the game, right?


One thought on “Cramming

  1. Sue

    I\’d feel a lot more comfortable if you started saying "of which I\’m responsible FOR AT LEAST half."
    You are at the phase in endurance cyling training where things start to get rediculous and the most difficult to fit into your life: The BIG RIDE phase. Instead of going out and riding one\’s guts out for a couple hours, the endurance cyclist has to start going on 8 hour long rides and plan on being totally shattered afterwards; an entire day "lost". You start going through tires as if they were luscious, soft donuts, you need so much "bike food" you start considering buying in bulk from the US ARMY, you begin to fear walking up stairs, your bike is in constant need of maintenance/repair, and 8:30 pm starts sounding like a perfectly reasonable time to go to bed.

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