It appears that since my reduced writing schedule, my readership has dropped more than half. Ouch.

Anyway, on to the important stuff. I just want to throw out to more underdog candidates for the Tour. First off, there’s a rider who’s become famous in my apartment as the "tilted-head guy" aka Paco Mancebo, Spaniard extraordinaire. Mancebo used to almost keep up with Armstrong on the climbs, and he’s had plenty of experience with full stage races. He just looks really funny when the gradient gets steep.

Second, what about Denis Menchov, winner of the Vuelta, and more recently of the Ventoux stage at this year’s Dauphine? I don’t think he’s ever really pursued the Tour before, but who else is Rabobank going to rely on? Michael Rasmussen?

I just have to throw these out there because there’s some doubt over whether my previous underdog, Georg, is going to get selected for the Tour. And even then, I have this weird feeling Boonen’s going to suddenly decide to attempt being a stage-racer, and that could turn things all sorts of topsy-turvy.

P.S. Here, enjoy a random photo from our Yellowstone trip two weekends ago. Actually, this one’s probably my favorite Yellowstone shot. Stormcrowe, if you come to Idaho, we should take a road trip on a Saturday and ride up here. Crossing the Continental Divide three times in an hour on a bike would just be too much fun to miss.


10 thoughts on “Alternatives

  1. uncadan8

    Don\’t worry, Caloi. I am still reading you ( I am sure that makes your day better just knowing that); I just don\’t have anything original or witty to say. And I am not really up to speed on the TDF stuff. But I am trying.

  2. Unknown

    Too bad about the drop in readership. Give me your boss\’s name, maybe I could send Rocco and Moose to explain how important this blog thing is in the grand design of the universe.
    Seriously, maybe Botched could write more guest spots. He always seems to have something to say. How about Rocky? I miss his style now that he doesn\’t have his own blog.
    Just a thought….or 2.

  3. Zed

    y\’know, I haven\’t heard from rocky in months. That\’s not a bad idea. I\’ll have to drop him an e-mail.
    Oh, and don\’t worry too much about the reduced readership. I don\’t. I was just a little surprised. Go figure that when you don\’t write often people stop reading. I find that when I post fewer pictures, that tends to happen as well. I need to get some pictures developed.

  4. Unknown

    OK, just kidding.
    Caloi, I don\’t know about the E100 filling up. I\’ve heard that the promoter (Boris) can have as many as 500 racers on the course, and I think last year there was about 120. This year, since the E100 is part of the "ultramarathon national championship series" the race is getting a whole lot more publicity. I\’ve seen it on Cyclingnews a bunch and even in a bunch of mt bike magazines.
    As for Tour winners, I was originally thinking that a dark-horse might win, but now, I don\’t think we will be surprised by the winner of the tour.
    UNCADAN, I think the best single resource for keeping up to date on all the road and mt bike racing is (you\’re probably already familiar with it).
    Yeah, when Bob\’s top 5 list went belly up, I got to thinking about Nikared and Rocky. I guess they have better things to do with their lives. . .

  5. uncadan8

    I have saved in my favorites; it just takes so much effort to click on the link and then actually read after my public policy course, human nutrition course, all the blogs, etc., etc. Maybe if I could pronounce the names and places or knew where they were. That means I\’ll have to sign up of a geography class or study on my own. Cripes!

  6. Unknown

    Yeah, there\’s a learning curve for sure and finding time is tough. The best way to getting to know who\’s who is to follow one of the grand tours, like the Tour de France on cyclingnews. They have live coverage you can read and then they have a couple different summaries of each stage. Anyway, I think that\’s one of the most interesting ways of getting involved and it takes less time than watching it on TV and you can do it in bits when you have time, and the coverage is better.

  7. Zed

    I admit, cyclingnews actually led me to Fatty\’s blog, which led me to blogging in general. Great resource.
    Botched- Are you serious? Only 120 solo riders did the E100 last year? Who\’da thunk it?
    If not this year, perhaps next. If you don\’t totally hate my guts after the 12-hour, we\’ll have to stay in touch so I can keep you company at the E100 at some future time. A race that climbs 18,000 feet just sounds like the kinda thing I need to be training for.

  8. Sue

    Actually, only like 63 even tried to ride the E100 solo (I think less than 40 finished). On the same day they do a 50 mile and 100k (66 mile) ride as well.
    Which means that you can sign up to ride one of the other shorter rides on august 27. But I must warn you, I cease to be good company after about 8 hours of riding. . .

  9. Scott

    What an interesting observation about Boonen, Caloi.  I had the same thing.  He seems to be getting a lot of love from the Belgians and I can see where he might want to branch out into the stage races.  I just have to wonder how hard it would be for him to learn to climb.  Or TT, for that matter.  But, boy, does he have a heck of a sprint!!

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