I just checked my tire …

… and, yes, I have another flat. That’s one flat per ride ever since I put this particular tire on my wheel. Keep in mind that prior to last week, I’d had a total of three flats in two years of riding this road bike. Now I’m in the double-digits …

… not to mention being out of tubes.


13 thoughts on “I just checked my tire …

  1. Tom Stormcrowe

    Feel around the inside of the tire, see if there\’s something potentially damading to the tube. If not, what pressure are you running? Are the flats a result of Stem failure , seam failure in the tube? are they the result of a particular common cause?

  2. Unknown

    These clusters of flats defy explanation. It\’s the same with tires. I went several years where I actually wore out tires, rather than having them destroyed accidentally. In the past year, I\’ve ruined 5 tires.
    So it\’s either Rocky\’s karma catching up to you, or you\’ve got somethin\’ going on.
    P.S. I\’m getting sick, just in time for training for the 12 hours of E.

  3. Unknown

    BTW i nearly tacoed my MTB wheel day before yesterday I\’ve got two serious s curves in it and it looks like I need a new rear wheel. Any one have one they want to get rid of that I can use?
    On to todays subject of flats! I know about flats. I was regularly buying three tubes per week. I never left the house without at least three. Two in the bike bag and one in the pocket, plus a patch kit. I have had as many as four in one ride. My wrench always blamed it on San Antonio streets and the tape around my rim. Plus, I had tire liners in each tire. I think that\’s bull. I kept on trying to buy the hardiest continental tires I could get my hands on. 2ks, 3ks, is there a 4k? I even tried the gatorskins and was still flatting all the time. My riding buddies blamed it on the fact that I stay in the bike lane where all manner of crap gets deposited. That is bull!
    If that were true then why on the Kenda tires I\’m riding now that came with the new bike back in November and I have darn near 3000 miles with three flats only in all that time and all those miles? Two on the back and one on the front. At least a couple of them was from the wear of pushing the valve when putting the pump nozzle on it. I guarantee the kendas are the toughest darn tires I\’ve owned. I used to never carry tire levers because I could just man handle the continental tires off.
    On my first flat on the Caloi and the Kendas I had to use my screw driver on my park tool and luckily I found a hair bow plastic thing that girls use in their hair. I almost had to call Sweatpea to come get me at the crack of dawn. Man that would have sucked!!!
    So in conclusion, it\’s the tire not the tube. Because we do the same darn thing everytime we change a tube on a tire. We are creatures of habit!!! I\’m glad we had this little talk…

  4. Jay

    Here is the reason why George Hincapie will never win the TDF, he doesn\’t have the killer instinct…
    I watched this webisode and I got the feeling like Hincapie is made to be a loyal friend and not the head of a team.  The way he reacted to Berry and how his motivation was sapped made me want him for a friend but, I can\’t see him tough enough to take the race by the throat and go forward.
    Not suprising really, it would require that type of personality to be in Lance\’s shadow for so long.

  5. Jord

    Maybe the bike gods don\’t want you on their roads. It\’s some sort of a sign!  You must appease their anger!  Oh and did you plan on bringing my bike back, or should I come get it?

  6. Unknown

    Sometimes, tires grow to hate you. Out of spite, they just cut their own tubes, then laugh at your misfortune as you struggle w/ a tough wire bead on the side of the road. When we allow this to become a habbit, good tyres ( for you U K readers ) have to go. I cut them up in front of the other tires in the shop as an object lesson to them – DON\’T MESS W/ MY RIDE !!!!!!

  7. Jose

    Since memorial day I\’ve had 5 flats. I buy tubes by the case, 20 at a time, it saves me money and time. I thought 20 would last a while, but I don\’t think it took me 6 months to blow them all. Don\’t buy tubes from pricepoint.com, many of them fail by the seam without ever using them. Oh I forgot, my front wheel is screwed up after riding more than a mile without noticing that it was flat. You are not alone!

  8. Unknown

    <blockquote>Like many of the other riders in the race, Armstrong learned that Casartelli was dead during the stage – he apparently spent 20 kilometres looking over his shoulder, waiting for the Italian to return to the peloton – and had to keep riding "distraught and sick with shock".</blockquote>
    Perhaps Lance lacked the killer instinct…

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