Beep beep beep!!!

Every weekday morning of my freshman semester at college, my alarm would ring at 3:45 am. I’d only narrowly avoid death rolling out of my bunkbed and stumbling toward the alarm. Then, I’d grab whatever pair of jeans I could find on the floor, a t-shirt, socks and shoes, I’d walk out the front door, somehow mount my bike and roll down the hill to my job as an early morning janitor. I don’t remember too many details about that trip except that there was this one ground sprinkler that would somehow nail me right in the face as I’d ride by …

Thereafter, I’d work for three measly hours, mopping floors, spraying down toilets with three different cleaners, and making sure anything metal in my appointed locker room was shining before I left. I was notorious among other janitors for my thoroughness–as I recall. Then, at 7 am, I’d leave to go do homework before my 8 am class.

I know what you’re thinking–"Big deal. Just go to bed at 7 pm every night." But it wasn’t that easy. During the day, there was more homework, large projects, hours of reading and studying, and my second job at the cafeteria. I had a girlfriend, whose affections I wanted to keep, so I’d be up until 10 pm every night with her. Every night, for some reason beyond my understanding, my roommate would be out in the living room playing his electric guitar until 2 am. And I’m a light sleeper.

People in my classes later told me that they’d find great entertainment in watching my head bob up and down during class. Oh, how I hated and loved classes where we’d watch movies or stare at powerpoint presentations in the dark. Torture, but sometimes it felt so good to just let my eyes droop a little.

Of course, now those days are long since over, and thank heaven for that. But after trying to squeeze in an early morning hillclimb today, starting at 6:30, I’ve got to ask, "How in the heck did I do that back when I was a freshman?" Better question: "Why in the heck did I do that when I was a freshman?"


6 thoughts on “Beep beep beep!!!

  1. Tom Stormcrowe

    You did it because you had a goal to accomplish. Same thing here, do you have a goal? If so, then getting up at 06:30 or whenever isn\’t a sacrifice, it\’s a means to an end!

  2. Jay

    I say enjoy your sleep…you are about to have a child and those good nights sleep will soon be a thing of the past…or you could say that your chance to get out on the bike early wihtout the same feeling of college fatigue setting in and holding you back.  Either way you will have to find that motivation again because kids get in the way of sleep and there is no avoiding it.

  3. Amber

    You think you\’re tired now… 🙂
    My Junior year at BYU, I started casually dating this guy, Jeff Beaty. Great person but absolutely CLUELESS; he was a great looking guy with lots of girls after him. He, too, worked as a janitor and had to be up on campus at 4:00 a.m.  Can you believe that some pathetic girl who was hot after him got up to drive him to work?  Yep.  He assured me they were just friends and that she went to the track afterwards. Yeah, right.  It didn\’t open for another hour and a half.  The things some pathetic BYU co-eds will do for a date….

  4. Unknown

    Thanks for the reminder. When it comes to the "bad old days" and sleep, I\’m currently re-living them (again) for real.
    P.S. This reminds me of the aphorism that youth is wasted on the young. If I could just keep that type of schedule now . . .

  5. uncadan8

    I am just starting up classes again, but so far the online learning experience seems to be void of the forced sleep deprivation torture. At least, I only would experience it about once a week. But that is probably due to my procrastination habit. Back in the day, I also survived on about 4 hours of sleep a night. I also gained the most weight during this time. I have read some studies suggesting a correlation between the two. Maybe Botched knows more about this.

  6. Zed

    Tom- true. It was really six so I could get to the hill at 6:30–only a half hour earlier than I usually get up–but it felt like such a sacrifice.

    ACoug- Yeah, there goes the neighborhood.

    Amber- That must\’ve been one good-lookin\’ fella. I certainly never had any women doing that for me.

    Botched- So does that mean it\’s even worse now?

    Dan- I know what you mean. I got up to my heaviest running on a similar schedule.

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