My Anniversary Was Great …

Thanks for asking.

No really, I’d planned to take my woman to a show in West Yellowstone, Mt, at the Playmill Theater, but alas, they don’t open for another week. Same situation with the Bar J Wranglers in Jackson Hole. So instead, we took a little road trip.

I’ve been living within two hours of Yellowstone National Park for six years now, but I’ve never been … don’t say it–I know, pretty ridiculous. But hey, I’ve been there now. We threw some food in the car on Saturday and headed out for Old Yellerstone … er … Faithful.

Do you do this too?

As we rolled up and around the twisty roads, through the mountains, between trees, within range of buffalo, elk, and thankfully no bears, across the continental divide (in three different places) and through the scented clouds of natural geysers and stinkpots, I couldn’t help but think aloud, "Gosh, it’d sure be sweet to have a bike with me through all of this." Prompting an eye-rolling from my wife. Go figure. I guess I do that just about everywhere we go that involves mountains–Oregon’s Blue Mountains, the Teton Range, the Rockies in general … I suppose I can understand how that would get on my wife’s nerves a little …

But really, I’ve decided that a bike trip through Yellowstone would be awesome. In fact, I may actually pay the $50 and go on the tour of the park after they close it to cars in the fall. That could be a really fun little trip–although I doubt they’d let me take on the mountainous areas. Bike touring sounds like fun.

However, I must interject, the best part of the whole trip came after we’d left Yellowstone. Out of the south entrance, toward Jackson Hole, there’s a smaller, much less famous national park, Grand Teton, just south of there. And perhaps it was just the fact that we got there just after a rainstorm, or perhaps it was just the way the setting sun knifed its way through those mountain peaks and hit the lake, but I’d have bought a whole calendar of images from that vantage point.


5 thoughts on “My Anniversary Was Great …

  1. Jill

    Last year I actually went on a one-day bicycle tour through Yellowstone before they opened it to cars. I think it was in late April, maybe early May, but it was great fun. We rode out to the Steamboat Geyser Basin and went to look at all the mud pots in the area. We occasionally got caught behind a herd of bison sauntering up the road, but that was about the only traffic we ran into. It\’s a great trip, and you don\’t even have to pay the park fee that early in the year. If you get a chance to ride it next year, I highly recommend it.

  2. uncadan8

    Happy Anniversary! I remember driving through Yellowstone in the summer adn marveling at how beautiful it was. Maybe I can work out my vacation to do tour through there a bit before the 2007 Lotoja. I think I am going to have to become a full time cyclist. If only I could find someone to pay me!

  3. Unknown

    I used to dread going to see my family at christmas, now I take my bike and look forward to it. Having a bike along makes any vacation better.

  4. Zed

    Tom- right on. Lemme know when you\’re coming.

    Jill- sweet, thanks for the recommendation. I just might do that. I dunno, though, I might try to ride it during the summer when it\’s just a $12 fee and there are touristas roaming around the park everywhere.

    Dan- thanks. I will wish you luck with the full-time cyclist gig. I know my wife wouldn\’t stand for it–even if I was making a barrel of money.

    Botched- so true. I took the road bike to my in-laws\’ place this year. Not that they\’re not fun anyway, but it was even better with the bike.

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