Giro Chat

Okay, it’s occurred to me that the day is almost over, and I have yet to post anything. So instead of entertain you with quips from my regular, non-two-wheeled life about how annoyed I was getting at last night’s birthing class hospital tour guide, who kept saying, "… or whatever that you want …"

Excuse me, instead of doing that, I’m going to play the role of sports analyst and offer my take on the current state of the Giro.

Barring any stupid moves like trying to control the front for the next three stages or something, Basso’s got victory wrapped up in a silver package. Why? He may not be the best breakaway climber in the pro ranks, but he’s really tough to shake on a climb, just ask Lance Armstrong. Basso was like Lance’s own personal barnacle in the Pyrenees and the Alps in 2004, and I think Ivan learned his lesson about staying in shape from ’05, never mind the fact that DZ has really taught him how to time trial. That said, here’s a summation of why I doubt the other guys will take him down:

Di Luca? Should’ve stuck with the classics.

Salvodelli? Still within striking distance, but the question is whether he can pull it off in the mountains. He’s been a decent climber in the past, but it’s not his main strength like descending and TT’ing, so I’m going to predict that victory has slipped from his talons.

Tom Danielson? You never know. The guy has climbing prowess, and he didn’t lose too much time on that TT, but he seems pretty determined to play domestique to Paolini. If he were thinking GC at all, Tom would’ve cranked a little higher on GC chart at the Maielletta.

Rujano? Not a contender for the overall, I don’t care what the commentators say. I guess we’ll see his form when the gradient changes.

Cunego & Simoni? They can only win by taking serious risks now, and they don’t seem like big risk-takers to me, though Simoni has been known to stick his neck out on a breakaway here and there. But I think Gibo’s just along for the ride this year. He seems like he’s still getting things sorted out now that he’s no longer riding a Cannondale. Same with Cunego. Does anyone else get the impression these guys think they just have to race each other? Too much politicking in the off-season and not enough riding in the mountains to get in shape.

I think that about covers the basics. Did I miss anyone?


4 thoughts on “Giro Chat

  1. Jay

    Botched, Al, that was very helpful…exactly what I needed to hear.  Thanks!  Maybe after my Wednesdays free up I can do it later this summer.  Which activities are you doing in Moab right now?
    Botched, I am a mountian biker, in fact I have a permit for the White Rim Trail,  (epic ride, not worth missing) and there are 15 spots, I have filled 5.  That means I have 10 more available.  You are invited, there will be varying abilities on the tour.  We will do it fully supported with one or two support vehicles.  October 19-21 (three days two nights).  There are outfiiting companies that will charge you $750-1400 for the same trip.  We will do it with better food and you don\’t have to do anything but bring your gear and show up, and share the cost (not profit).  So if you want to come let me know…don\’t waste an opportunity on this one. 
    Caloi, you are invited and anyone in the area is too.

  2. Tim D

    Di lucca has been ill.  If he doesn\’t get over it, or doesn\’t fancy his chances, he may well start working for Pellozotti, who is currently 6th.  Victor Hugo Pena is also up there.

  3. Jose

    I agree Caloi, Basso looks very solid, the only one who could do something is Danielson but I think he\’s pretty commited to Savoldelli. Who knows, he might get a green light, but it\’s a long shot.
    For me Rujano has never been a contender por the maglia rossa, he did well in the TT but lost too much time before that in the TTT and with a stomach bug. He needs a team.
    Basso has a great team, Sastre carried him the other day, so did Voigh, etc, etc. Rujano is always isolated. He said that he is going to try to win tomorrow, he is now focused on a high finishing on GC and a stage.

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