I got up this morning feeling stuffed, but it didn’t seem to last long once I got outside. The air smelled so sweet and springy. It was gorgeous out. It actually hit 80 degrees (F) today–shock and amazement.

As I walked past the trees outside the office today, it was hard for me to avoid noticing how lush and green they looked underneath their white blooms. All around my feet were fallen buds, springtime and genuine bliss. I couldn’t wait for a ride. Of course, I had to wait for the day to end in that stuffy, stuffy office, and then there was a 40-minute commute from the office to home, which left me feeling exceptionally woozy today. But I did manage to get some time on the bike.

Odd though, I didn’t feel so hot on the bike. My legs and arms felt a little weak, and I had a hard time getting my lungs pumping. And when I got done and came home, my throat felt scratchy and flegmy. And then it hit me–the sweet smell in the air, the beautiful trees, the lawnmowers, sprinklers and new life blooming everywhere–it’s allergy season. Well, at least that means I can take an antihistamine instead of taking a half week off riding to recover from a nasty cold.

P.S. Y’all will have to forgive me, by the way. Office rumor has it that two employees were recently fired for spending too much time on the internet, so my office browser is going to have to remain closed for a little while. Bummer. Don’t be shocked if I keep to myself a little more this week.


5 thoughts on “Fresh

  1. Tom Stormcrowe

    Can\’t understand a man wanting to keep his job and take care of the family at all, Caloi! Never heard of such a thing!::GRIN::

  2. Jay

    I last posted here on Friday.  It was a bad day.  Power outages knocked me off line for 2.5 days.  Then I caught a stomach bug and I lost 7 lbs in 24 hrs (not a plan I recommend, part of the parental benefits). 
    I am now down to 165 and I was at 195 -203 one year ago…but I digress.
    Botched & Caloi, thanks for putting up with my newness and lack of patience with understanding my ablity and how to evalute it.
    Botched, I rode personal TT down in Lehi/Saratoga lake bottom roads and did it at the 22 mph I was talking about with no winds. 
    I have a loop here in Alpine, AF, Highland.  I live on the bench and drop from 5200 ft to 4975 and ride out Main St to Canyon Crest Rd (roundabout road turns into 4800 w ) past the temple, turn  west to the Tri City GC road back turn north til it crosses 100 east (AF) to 9600 north (Highland) and over to 6800 w turn north and then to 10400 N east to the SR 92 out to the crest of the hill  above the entrance to Traverse Mountain then turn around and head back home up Main in Alpine.  The whole trip is about  20 mi.  I do it in somewhere between 18.9 to 20.1 to the 12% grade the last 1/4 mile to my house then the speed averages drop.  I don\’t know if that helps you out so I am not so cyptic. 
    So does that make for a better description of where I am at?
    If I feel the way I felt today after being sick and takiing 5 days off I would probably be slower, although I can\’t remember doing it under 18.
    Thanks to everyone else who is supportive of a newbie.

  3. uncadan8

    Welcome back, AlpineCoug! I hope you can get back to action quickly. I know I hate having to take time off for a lame excuse like projectile vomiting or inability to breathe, but I guess it has to be done. 😉  I wouldn\’t mind a weight drop like that, but I prefer to use other methods. Nice average speeds, by the way! I usually average around 14 to 15 mph on my rides, but I have no flats at all in my area, so that is my excuse for being a slowpoke.

  4. Dodger

    I love when the orange trees blossom down here.  Almost every part of my ride has that wonderful scent.  And Im not Allergic!

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