Ladies and gents, I know it’s really exciting when I come out and endorse something, because you know I’m not being paid to do so. That means you can trust that I’m really endorsing something I think is pretty stinkin’ cool.

You may recall that I mentioned an aero wheelset yesterday. By aero, I’m talking 16 bladed spokes on the front wheels and 24 on the back wheel, deep-V clinchers with lightweight hubs, and a scale-tipping experience at just over 1700 grams together. Not bad, eh? Okay, now look at the price. Yep, I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t take a minute to endorse Neuvation Wheels.

Oh wait, but it gets better. Are they still too heavy for you? Go for the R28 SLs–at only 1400 grams–for only $400. (In retrospect, considering my personal taste toward hillclimbing, I probably would’ve gone for a pair of these if I’d thought about it a little more.) You want both lightweight and aero? R28 Aeros register at just 100 grams more than the SLs.

The bottom line on these puppies is high quality for a low price. And I haven’t heard a single Neuvation owner complain yet. Just thought I’d pass the word. So if you’re shopping for a wheelset and you don’t have a lot of cash, you now know my recommendation.


8 thoughts on “ENDORSEMENT!

  1. Unknown

    Wow, I never had heard of these before.  They look similar to Mavic Ksyriums, of which I have a set I love.  Thanks for the tip, I need another set of road wheels soon.  I weigh about 163-170 depending on the time of season, are there any weight restrictions?  This is too cool.

  2. michael

    They are pretty snazzy. I didn\’t see anything about weight restrictions, but John Neugent, the owner and operator of the business, is pretty willing to answer questions. His e-mail\’s just johnneugent@aol.com.

  3. Unknown

    A good few racers in my area roll with Neuvations.  I\’ve heard "bulletproof" and "as good as or better than Ksyriums" and "cheaper than equivalent Ksyriums."  They have a very good rep.  I\’ve heard mixed comments on some Ksyriums, nothing bad ever about the Neuvations.  May have something to do their not being as common as the Mavics, but may have something to do with superior build quality.  It looks like they are trying to build through the racing commmunity first, then go mass(er) market, whereas the Mavics are definitely mass market, lot of regular ol\’ rec riders have used them to bling up their bikes.  I\’ve heard rumors of club discounts but don\’t know if that relates only to deals offered by wholesalers or if it is a Neuvation factory deal. 

  4. Zed

    Just my opinion, but I think they\’re just going to continue to get more popular. I think my LBS owner is even recommending them despite the fact that he doesn\’t sell them in the shop.

  5. uncadan8

    I\’ll have to keep these in mind if I ever have to replace my Mavic Krysiums on the C-dale. I have heard they are pretty solid.

  6. Tom Stormcrowe

    Looks like they\’d stand up to my big butt according to John @ neuvation! Cool! Looks like I may have found the wheelset for my road bike when I get it set up to race!

  7. Zed

    Glad to introduce you to \’em, y\’all. I\’m pretty satisfied with mine, so I\’m not surprised you guys are reading good things.

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