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All right, so apparently Greg didn’t get the memo before they did the paint job on his new carbon bike line. You’ll notice they still have that ugly signature/elegant font thing going on the downtube. Greg, if you’re out there, your bikes could be so much cooler if you’d just tweak the logo. Elegant fonts just don’t say "masculine tough" to the general bike public, and when I actually get my Adobe Illustrator up and running, I’ll try to give you an example of something better.

If only I had one of these, a free week in August, and a bucketload of bear spray …

In searching for new races to ride in, I stumbled across a little piece of news about open spots at the TransRockies Challenge. Usually, I’m talking about fantasy bikes, but this would be a fantasy race, even just to finish. I think this would be awesome, but there’s no way I could get my wife to agree to it–at least not at this point in the game. But hey, a man needs to do something for his midlife crisis, and this just might be the solution.

Feel connected

By the way, if you’re not already visiting some of the links you see in the comments here, I’d encourage you to spend some of your browsing time doing that. Take a minute to visit Bike John, Dodger, Jose’s Mt Bike Passion, Mike’s Underdeveloped Corner of Suburbia, Cycling Geeks Unite!, Bobster (who’s not related to Bobke, that I know), Olympic Mags, and, one of the best, the Psycho Cyclist.

Here lies The Uphill Battle …

Have no fear, I really have no intention of sending my blog to blog heaven. Besides, with Teton Pass only an hour and a half away, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunities to ride it for training purposes. I can still probably pursue my goal of getting a sub-40-minute time on it and go away feeling good about myself.

And besides, this gives me an excuse to come up with something more "extreme" to do …


7 thoughts on “Latest & Greatest

  1. Unknown

    It should be a good substitute to "race" the course when you can. TTs are just you against the clock anyways… Not you against another rider.
    Thanks for the plug, by the way.

  2. Zed

    I agree. I think I usually pace myself a little too much at the beginning of the ride anyway, so it might help if I don\’t have anyone around to compare myself to. I just need to get in shape to make sure I can beat the clock.
    I\’ve been saying all year that it doesn\’t matter how I place in the race as long as I get a decent time. I guess this way I also get to save $20 in the process (the race fee).

  3. Dodger

    Good luck on finding another race.  I had a race get cancelld on me last year and it was a bit of a bummer.  Thanks for mentioning my blog.  I appreciate it.

  4. Scott

    Geez, man.  Now I actually have to write stuff and keep my blog current.  Just kidding.  Thanks for the props.
    I had a whole duathlon series cancelled on me this year.  Well, not actually cancelled.  Reduced to 1 race.  Which didn\’t fit my schedule.  So, I feel your pain.  And with a family on the way, replacing your lost race could be difficult.  Just listen to the race in your head when you are out training.  Paul and Phil often keep me company as I tear down the roads of Flanders and Roubaix. 
    Of course, that\’s what makes me "unique".  No, it isn\’t.  Yes, it is.  Sorry \’bout that. 

  5. Unknown

    I feel for you with the change to Sunday  of the Hill-Climb.
    I was there last year on the same day, but it was part of a Swan Valley to Alpine Jct to Jackson to Victor to Swan Valley loop we did as training for LOTOJA. We saw all the racers come zipping down as we were plodding our way up. It looked like fun.
    I totally know about the Sunday ride thing. It seems that most of the good races are on Sunday.
    You might take a look at the Snow Bird Hill Climb. It is on 8/19/2006 (Saturday). It is almost 4000 feet in ten miles and is a blast. Not as steep as Teton pass, but still VERY challenging and a lot of good riders show up. I did it when I happened to be in SLC as a med student rotating at the UofU.
    I would also urge you to consder the LOTOJA. It is not as impossible as it seems. You don\’t need to train 6-days a week. My brother-in-law did it last year after only 700 miles for the year and was suprisingly strong.

  6. Zed

    Yeah, I posted an entry about how that Swan Valley loop would be a "fantasy" training ride, and then someone informed me that people do that route regularly. I\’d be curious to hear how the route went. Was it pretty tough to descend off Teton Pass into Victor?
    That Snowbird hillclimb sounds awesome, but that\’s pretty close to my baby\’s due date, so I probably won\’t plan on it.
    Lotoja- I\’m supposed to find out today whether my co-worker needs a relay partner or … whatever\’s up with that. Anyway, I\’ve heard the registration\’s filling pretty fast, so I\’ll need to get on the ball pretty soon if I\’m going to do it.

  7. Jose

    Caloi, thanks for the ad. I’ll have to start writing something interesting now.
    I wish I had a good mountain to climb here in Missouri. It’s not flat but I definitively miss the Andes!

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