I’ve got to admit to some infatuation with this doing-the-whole-Lotoja thing lately. Half of my work office is doing it, including two of the Senior Vice Presidents (the only two Senior Vice Presidents). So I started thinking this could be a good work connecting-type exercise, especially if I can manage a better-than-the-rest time.

Now, anytime I bring this issue up with Mrs Caloi, we have an interesting discussion. Actually, it isn’t really a discussion at all, it’s more like my wife saying, "Caaalloooiii … we’ll talk about this later." But it’s one of those issues where later never really comes. And of course, you never actually want to bring subjects like those up. So my solution so far has been to approach the problem by not approaching it. Things like this always work themselves out anyway.

Generally, my wife is very supportive of this cycling thing. She even informed me that it’s her intention to be on the sidelines of the Teton Pass Climb with a camera. But she’s not really keen on me spending vast amounts of time with my bike instead of with my family, and I can’t say that I blame her. There are more than a few examples of people who’ve ridden their bikes so much that it’s messed up their personal lives.

Then today, something interesting happened. One work associate, who had just signed up for the entire race, came up to me as he was headed out the door to a work meeting and said, "Hey, I need to talk to you about Lotoja." Let’s call him Gart, though he isn’t the owner of Gart Sports.

Me: "So talk."

Gart: "I brought it up with my wife and she said, ‘You’re crazy for wanting to do the whole thing! You can do a relay at most.’"

Me: "My wife said the same thing."

Gart: "And we have a baby due right about then, she just doesn’t think I have to train for it."

Me: "Same here, the baby and the time. Yeah, if you want to do it as a relay, I’ll split it with you. We can do half and half."

Gart: "Are you serious? Okay, I’ll talk to you about this later."

And then he ran off with this look of gratitude on his face. What can I say? I aim to please.


6 thoughts on “Compromise

  1. Tom Stormcrowe

    Lotoja is a 200+ mile 1 day bike race (Bicycle) from Logan, Utah to Jackson, Wyoming.  I\’m going on it in 2007.

  2. Jose

    Oh Women! They\’ll never understand. How many miles per week are you planning to ride? Just in case I decide to do Lotoja.
    Let me tell you, after you have kids your life (as you thought it) is over. I have two and I am still trying to organize myself. How about early morning rides? That’s the only solution that I find for myself.
    By the way, isn\’t Lotoja a member of the Jackson family?

  3. Zed

    That one was pretty good.
    Yeah, see, if I\’m going to do the whole thing, I need at least three or four centuries and a 1.5 century in before race day. Since I\’m likely doing half the thing, it\’ll probably be more like one or two centuries and a bunch of half-centuries.

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