My wife loves me

While we wait for Botched to fill us in on how freakin’ tough those guys were (and how tough Fatty really is), I just want to make a public service announcement: Yes, you read it right, my wife loves me.

And while I have a myriad of evidences to choose from (go ahead, debate the grammatical correctness of my usage of ‘myriad’ you archaic Strunk n’ Whiters), I just want to point out one in specific today. See, today I turned 27. Strangely, most people are surprised I’m so old around here (I think that’s because I look like I’m 12), where people I talk to over the phone at work are usually surprised I’m so young. Funny how that works.

Anyway, my wife gave me my birthday present early. Allow me to explain: You recall that I recently wrote a blog entry about stealing her wheels? I was unaware, but my wife had already purchased a new wheelset for me, and they were hidden above our washer/dryer set up in the box in which my road wheels were shipped. So, unfortunately, my wife had to sit by and watch me set up my bike, adjustments and all to accommodate her wheels knowing that I’d just have to switch everything around a couple of days later.

Finally, after seeing her wheel-less bike sitting there on the ground, looking more like really snazzy leftover plumbing than a bike, she gave in. And boy, did she ever give in.

See, she didn’t just get me any old wheels. My new rear wheel has an XT hub, while my new front wheel has a sweet-lookin’ GT hub (I didn’t even know GT made hubs) both along with some untouched Zac19 rims. Smooth. And even though I’m in need of some rim tape before I go ride with them, I have already spent some time just oogling my own new wheels.

Think about it: for a pregnant woman whose husband is already overly obsessed with bikes and already spends way too much time riding relative to the time spent cleaning the restroom or vacuuming, this is a pretty big move. That’s why I find the conclusion inescapable: this woman loves me. Hardcore.

P.S. I’m still stealing those sweet tires of hers.


13 thoughts on “My wife loves me

  1. Scott

    Dude, that\’s awesome! My wife wouldn\’t know enough about the myriad of wheel choices to make any decision. (Threw that in there for you). I know she loves me when she says "Go for a ride…go on…get the hell outta here."

  2. michael

    I confess, I actually scoped out the wheelset at the bikeshop, and she just went in after I\’d gotten back and said, "Can you sell me the wheels my husband was looking at?" She didn\’t really know what she was looking for either. She says bike talk is like listening to someone speak mandarin.

  3. Unknown

    Let her know next year my birthday falls on the 4th of March.

    Happy B-day, Caloi! Great gift. Apparently this woman knows you….

  4. Unknown

    Happy (early) Birthday you old bugger! 
    I\’m trying to write up the ride, but my fingers and eyeballs keep cramping up.

  5. uncadan8

    Happy Early Birthday, Caloi! About the high traffic volume: it is just because it\’s a great site (and the company you keep)!

  6. Zed

    Thanks, Dan. Personally, I think the high traffic is because of all the hilarious comments we\’ve had on here lately. Botched was on a roll yesterday.

  7. Unknown

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