Even if you’re just passing through, I want you to think back to the days before your first big race. Remember how tense it felt? How nervous you were about your practice becoming performance? How gut-wrenchingly uptight you felt over whether your training was going to amount to much in the actual race or whether you were going to flop–as though the entire outcome of the race depended solely on you. If you’re not a racer, think back to game day, how nervous you were sitting on the bus in your football shoulderpads, after practicing your tackling technique umpteen times and hoping and praying the game works your way. Or when you were in your swimsuit at the big meet … or lacing up your cleats before the big tournament or whatever …

My buddy Erica is just a day or two away from leaving for the big race, that she‘s been training for for months now. Before you leave my site, please take a minute to drop over to her blog and give her a word of encouragement or advice. She‘s leaving for the race in just a couple of days, so I’m going to leave this blog up to encourage y’all to go visit her until I know she‘s safely on the plane to Hawaii. So click on one of those links and drop her a note already!

Why am I doing this? Because in a couple of months, that’ll be me going into prerace mode, running through every inch of preparation in my mind just to think of how I can gain a few seconds when the time for preparation has passed. And perhaps in the months before that, you’ll be getting ready for a race, doing the same thing. And a few months after that, someone else will be in the same situation. And sticking together is what we do. Besides, it’s a good blog.


18 thoughts on “HEY!

  1. Unknown

    I used to get very short of breath at the start of basketball games in jr. high. Weird, because baseball, football ect were no problem. And it was only in 7th and 8th grades, not earlier or latter years. Still haven\’t figured that one out. BTW, theGood Eats protein bars are indeed good eats. I ate a couple before hammering my legs into submission Sat. doing hill intervals – 2 hours of nasty vertical hills . I\’m glad they\’re close to my house, becasue after the last I had to coast most of the way home. Then yesterday, I took a nise 50 mile ride on the mostly flat state trails nearby. No problem w/ bonk or digestion problems. Tofu isn\’t as nasty as I thought since it\’s nixed in. But on it\’s own, no thanks.I better get to work on the basement project and show some progress for taking 2 days off, or SWMBO may think I\’m a slacker and not cut the check for the Roubaix next Monday – just kidding. We get married Saturday afternoon, so she will be puddy in my hand. We\’ll just have to pick out a good ride for her at the LBS.

  2. Zed

    Dang, Boz. You can climb a lot of hill in two hours. You\’re going to be a monster this season. Nothing personal, but I hope you\’re not entered in any of the races I\’m doing. Congrats on getting married this week too, BTW.

    Tom- Good on ya.

  3. Zed

    I know it! It\’s not exactly her first race, but it\’s her first BIG race, so I think that\’s significant. Kinda makes you wish you were a triathlete, huh?

  4. Unknown

    I wouldn\’t know about races.  I\’m such a back marker on the bike still, that I don\’t get all worked up about it until a minute or two before the start.  Then I have to remember to breathe right after the start.  Really, I forget to breathe.  I have a roadrace coming up in a couple weeks where I will actually be competitive due to the flat course.  *That*, I am thinking about, visualizing how I\’ll ride, race tactics, etc.  I\’ll let you know if I get the butterflies. 
    Congrats Boz. 

  5. Unknown

    aw caloi i\’m humbled. butterflies abated and already receiving comments from people with names like "psycho" and usually handles that refer to biking somehow. thanks again, amigo. more later. got to get my last "ride" in (make that 12 on a stationary, ugh).

  6. Zed

    Hey, you never \’fessed up as to what kind of mt bike you\’re riding. (I\’m guessing that\’s what\’s attached to your trainer right now.)
    I hope you\’re seeing an increase in your comments and hits with this, but if you\’re not, it\’s okay because you\’re canning the blog soon anyway, right? Until you start up \’Course to the Wildflower or something.

  7. Unknown

    A shade under fitty miles.  I anticipate it will probably culminate in an insane last 5 miles, followed by a field sprint.  I\’m looking forward to it because without the constant surges on hills & corners, I know that I can grind with the best of them.  Nice, huh?  We\’ll see how it feels afterwards I s\’pose.  Hilly one coming up this weekend though… not nice at all.  We don\’t likes hillses, Precioussssss…We hates hillsesssss…. yessssss, Precioussssss. 

  8. Unknown

    Erica, if my post on your site didn\’t go through, here\’s what I said: "good luck".  I\’m sure my comment will be incredibly inspiring to you.
    P.S. Caloi, I have decided to post comments on every race specific training site I can find and leave the following quote "Ah, don\’t worry about it, I entered my first (enter name of event here, e.g. Tour de France) with two weeks training, and I came in Second place".

  9. Zed

    Botched- downright inspirational, man. Don\’t you just love it when botched freaks of nature …

    Al- hey, you\’re scaring the children … not a fan of the climbs, eh? How about cobblestones? There\’s always the Paris-Roubaix …

  10. uncadan8

    Al – I can totally identify. At 286 pounds, no hills are my friend. Incidentally, I watched the extended cut of The Fellowship of the Rings while riding my trainer. It is about the only way to be able to endure the trainer for that long.
    Caloi – Thanks for the info on the CO2. We\’ll be watching your prep for your race. Go get \’em!

  11. Unknown

    I love cobblestones and dirt roads on a skinny tire road bike.  I do a ride with some friends – a bunch of velo guys who live near me but are all in different clubs.  One of the local towns has a long stretch of cobblestone.  Sometimes our ride takes us over there, and if it\’s early in the morning and the traffic is light, we\’ll do a group sprint up this hill made of cobblestones.  Sweeeeet.  Especially if it is wet, it\’s really treacherous and fun.  I am also hoping to get registered for one of our local roadraces that includes a two mile dirt road stretch.  I\’ve heard it called the "Roubaix of the Mid Atlantic" and the gravelly dirt road said to be a cauldron of exploding tires and breaking wheels if you don\’t choose the right line.  That\’s also where the selection usually occurs, in all the races from Cat 5 up to the 1-2 race.  I ride about 4 miles a day on a gravel road, so I\’ve been working on my handling and riding fast in those conditions – exploded a tire on Monday, in fact.  Whoops.  Basically, I love riding on cobblestone and gravel stretches; it rewards courage and bike handling, takes the advantage away from the super-fit and hands it to the brave and tough.  Of course if you are super fit and also brave and tough…well, then your name is George Hincapie or Tom Boonen.  Aka Flahute. 

  12. Zed

    Al- I kinda figured that was your kind of race. Perhaps because of that MavivaGear ad you made up … hey, but those races sound awesome. Hope you have an indestructible 32-spoked wheelset with titanium hoops.

    Dan- thanks, man. I was trying to think of the brand name on my CO2 inflater. It only cost me $15, so it\’s pretty cost-effective. I\’ll be watching for your races too.

  13. uncadan8

    Caloi – I just posted some of the details and links on the rides I am planning to do this year. If I can get my weight down soon enough, I may actually try a real race. Until then it will just be me against myself, which should still be tough!

  14. Unknown

    Thanks Al and Caloi – going to be an epic reception.
    Al – I like riding th rough stuff on skinny tires too. Seems more rewarding than on fat mtb skins, more technically satisfying. In fact, I was riding my mtb w/ 1.25 Fatboy yesterday on a cool, Euro looking, rough, switchbacked climb near my house. Fun to hammer back down thru the rough stuff on skinny tires and be able to carry way more speed than on 2.1\’s. I grew up riding combo roads, so it\’s second nature. Guess I\’ll have to try cyclo-cross. But that would require another bike. Hmmmmm.

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