The Great Debate

So, I invited a friend from work to join me on a ride up Teton Pass tomorrow morning, but he hasn’t quite committed yet. And if he doesn’t commit to it, that leaves my door wide open. So although I’m planning on the Pass (three thousand feet higher than here so it could be snowing or just plain colder, not to mention requiring me to drive about an hour or more to get there) I’m also thinking about a few other rides:

1. Packsaddle, a road/mt bike trail with a pretty steep climb for two miles that may be completely covered in high-resistance mud right now. Advantages: it’s only 45 minutes away and I might be able to talk my brother into coming. Disadvantages: It’s pretty early in the spring and the trail could be totally soggy. There may even still be snowmobilers out on it.

2. there’s supposed to be a cycling group from work doing some kind of ride on Sunnyside road, which is a decent climb, tomorrow. Advantages: It’s a half-hour drive from here, and I might get a chance to whoop my boss’ keyster on a climb. Disadvantages:The boss has been doing spinning classes almost daily since it started snowing, so maybe not on the keyster-whooping; also I haven’t been officially invited to this ride, so it may be a no-go for me. After all, I only spent $1,000 on my bike …

3. I could probably get a pretty nasty workout doing the entire length of Kelly Canyon now that the snow’s had a chance to melt off the road. Advantages: this one’s closest to home at only 25 minutes, and I already know the road’s empty for the most part because I’ve climbed it a few times this year, also, I may be able to get my bro to come on this one. I dunno, it would help if he’d answer my calls once in a while (Jord). Disadvantages: Once again, this could be pretty muddy, and besides, I can do Kelly Canyon during the week, or pretty much any time I feel like it. You gotta make Saturday special.

So, yeah. Any suggestions? Thoughts? One way or another I want to end up on a lung-buster that will leave my legs shaking.

P.S. I hope Iain over at Herneweb won’t mind, but here’s a photo from his collection (and, yes, it’s Alp D’Huez, isn’t that cool!?):


11 thoughts on “The Great Debate

  1. Tom Stormcrowe

    Tag, you\’re it! Fat chick tagged me and I tagged you! As to an epic ride for Saturday? I think a loop from McCammon to Soda Springs to Montpelier, eat lunch @ the Ranch Hand, then back sounds like a fun ride if the traffic isn\’t real bad!

  2. Zed

    Traffic on that highway is usually pretty light, but we\’re talking 2 or more hours just to get there. I think the gas money might negate that one.
    If you think that\’s a good ride, and you like long distances (which I know you do), Lotoja might just be the race for you, Tom.

  3. Unknown

    Drink three liters of Diet Coke.  Sit in your underpants in a bathtub full of ice water, packed with ice cubes up to the rim.  Have somebody flogging your back with a cold, wet towel.  Recite the alphabet backwards.  Drink a couple shots of espresso.  Play the "Nature Sounds" CD, the one that is all running water noises.  First one to have to get out and pee loses.
    What\’s that?
    Oh, sorry. Thought you were asking for ideas for a Japanese game show.
    On the ride choice, go with the boss.  Crush him. Drive your other enemies before you on the hill climb.  Listen to the wailing of the children and lamentation of the women.  Then blog about how being unemployed is cool because it gives you plenty of time to work on your hill climbing. 

  4. Zed

    Classic, Al. Yeah, so the boss ride\’s out too, then, eh?
    Actually the friend officially backed out of Teton Pass, so I\’m coming up with a new plan right now.

  5. Unknown

    I dunno.  I\’m officially diagnostic, er, agnostic on your choice of rides.  Riding with the boss could be good or bad, depending on your boss, and your character.  A good hard ride reveals a bit of your character.  If yours is good – I assume it is – you have something to gain by bonding with those you work with and showing you suffer with style.  If your boss\’ character is good, likewise.  If either of you sucks to ride with, well, it could be unpleasant.  It\’s like a much simpler version of the "should I date somebody I work with?" question, one with a smaller downside.  Your boss would be a pretty bad guy if he fired you for beating him (or not) up a hill, and you probably wouldn\’t want to work with such a person anyhow – not that this scenario is any kind of a probability anyhow. 

  6. Jord

    hey, whoa, you know I work till 3pm on weekdays, i didn\’t have a chance to answer your calls, and besides I called you back!  gosh.. haha

  7. Zed

    Al- \’sall good. I came up with a new plan. In the end, doing Kelly Canyon with my bro won out, but so did riding a 27-mile ride today (1,600 feet of climbing included, mostly in the first 13 miles). So I got the best of both worlds.
    Jord- sorry, wrote that before I heard back from you. Still wanna ride tomorrow? Wait, how about I just call you?
    Tom- no, the Clif Bar post was two days ago … he he, just kidding. No really, when you get to feeling up to it, most people ride Lotoja just to finish it, and it has a 1,000-rider cap (which is pretty high) so there\’s plenty of room for you to jump in in the last couple of months, usually.

  8. Jill

    How far of a ride are they planning up Sunnyside Road? Seriously, you should talk them into going to Bone. Make a day of it. I guess Kelly Canyon is fun too. Have a great ride.

  9. Scott

    How frickin\’ cool is that shot of Alp D\’Huez?  OMG, I would love to do that.  Nothing like that in Central Indiana.  And that\’s a shame \’cuz I\’d be all over that.
    Of course, I\’d probably die trying, but what a happy death.  I feel the ghost of Pantani within me!!!

  10. Zed

    Jill- yeah, Bone will have to wait for now. I\’m sure I\’ll have plenty more opportunities. From what I\’ve been told, I understand that it\’s the most popular ride of our work I.F. group.

    Psycho Cyclist- no joke. Those hairpins would be a killer.

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