Winter’s Last Stand (I hope)

It was about 8:30 last night when I finally got up the gumption to go for a ride. The sky was clear, the melted snow hadn’t frozen yet, and the air wasn’t too cold. Nonetheless, I still stuck to the roads on my mt bike. According to Yahoo, I rode about 13 miles, though I figure my elevation gain was probably in the 400-500 ft range (not too pathetic). Really, the ride would’ve been pleasant but for two things …

Flip off the brights already!

On at least three occasions on the way back, I had to pull over to the side of the road while cars passed me going the other direction, because I couldn’t see a thing through their brights. The last car to do that finally turned their brights off after I put my hand in front of my eyes to send the message: "You’re blinding me!" But my eyes were still seeing spots by the time I walked in the front door of my apartment. It felt like my wedding day or something, only I was wearing cut-off shorts instead of a rental tux.

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

Thing number two was the sand, only this time it wasn’t all over my bike. I just managed to get a few obnoxious grains in my eyes, so I spent the last few miles blinking in fast-forward. It was already dark enough that I couldn’t see the potholes until my front wheel was bouncing out of them.

This morning when I arose and went to my car, it had frost on the windshield (probably a regular occurance until about July). No biggie. But then, on my way to work, I drove right into an arctic white-out style blizzard. Zany. And, you know, I really didn’t mind the weather until I checked my e-mail and got a note from my cousin that said, "Hey, just got back from Moab and a mountain bike trip–it was awesome. My condition is already great!" Where’s that newsreporter when I really want to share my opinion of the weather?

On that note, it sounds like a bunch of my co-workers watched whatever that channel was when I was on the news the other day. I keep getting, "Hey, I saw you on the news the other night" and "Anything for a celebrity." Of course, all I can respond with is, "Really? How was I? I totally missed it."

Okay, I promise to stop complaining about the weather … at least for now.


2 thoughts on “Winter’s Last Stand (I hope)

  1. Unknown

    I can\’t remember a more snowey/rainy March.  Snow and 40 today, Sun and 60 Friday!  I\’m taking Friday off work and am going to try to do a 100 miler on the road bike.  Al, you wanna fly out for a ride?
    P.S. Caloi, you can come too.

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