A Sure Sign that I Love My Wife

Before we got married, I’d buy my wife roses each week on Tuesday. That is, until she told me to start watching my money and stop buying flowers all the time. After we got married, well, roses were out, so I went for something a little more endearing (in my opinion).

And that, my friends, is a sign of true love–when your wife owns a better mountain bike than you do. Thing is, I think she appreciated the roses more …


6 thoughts on “A Sure Sign that I Love My Wife

  1. Unknown

    So,  when are you going to buy her some more roses?????   She might be more willing to take advantage of your bike gift if there were some beautiful flowers sitting on the table for her to enjoy when she got home from the ride.

  2. Zed

    momdeb- hmmm, our anniversary\’s coming up soon …

    Tom- Really? I thought your wife liked the occasional bike ride as well. Didn\’t I read that somewhere?

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