Shameless Plug

Okay, I’m about to hold out my beggar’s sign here: will blog for freebies, or money or whatever.

Not that long ago, I got to thinking that my blog was in good enough shape that I might just start endorsing some product on here and maybe even get something in the way of sponsorship for it. Yes, I realize that’s extremely naive, thanks for pointing that out. But anyway, the first thing I thought of endorsing was my favorite bike magazine, conveniently called bike. Below, you will find the ad I designed and sent to bike along with an e-mail suggesting that I get a few hits on my site, and if they want to place an ad to attract the sources of those hits, I wouldn’t be too broken up about the loss of space on my page. Then I waited …

And waited …

And waited …

And nothing ever came of it.

C’mon, it’s a sweet-lookin’ ad! So since they missed out on the opportunity, I just want to open it up to anyone else who might be passing through. I’ll take free schwag if you’re not interested in paying $20 a month for ad space. I’m currently shopping for mtb wheelsets, so if the folks at Zac19 or DTSwiss or Mavic or something want to send a product for me to sample, I’d gladly build you an ad, post it and let you reap the benefit.

Shameless, I know.

P.S. This photo belongs to John Gibson (one of the photographers for bike), so I don’t actually have permission to use it to make money. But John, if you’re out there, I promise I’m not using it to earn cash.

P.P.S. Let’s beef this up a little: Fill me in–play magazine designer for a minute and tell me what you would stick in your dream bike-related advert. No really, link photos and give descriptions. I really am curious to read and see what your ideas are. Don’t tell me you’ve never thought this through. Anyone who’s ever opened a book or magazine about cycling, or has ever browsed the photos on cyclingnews (or herneweb, for that matter) has contemplated what they would stick in there and how they’d do it. So cough it up: how cool a bike ad or spread could you design? What would you be suggesting if you were in the creative session for the cover of your favorite bike magazine?


23 thoughts on “Shameless Plug

  1. Tom Stormcrowe

    WHy do you think I plug Banjo Brothers so Shamelessly! Speaking of that, I need to post my next product review…postride as to how they did!

  2. Zed

    It\’s true. But they approached you, right? I don\’t know about soliciting ads. That\’s my issue. I don\’t speak Portuguese, so I can\’t contact Caloi for it. I\’ve thought about talking to my local bike shop, but he doesn\’t have a site up and running yet.

  3. Tom Stormcrowe

    Caloi, Caloi Cycles most likely has a person who reads and writes and speaks english fluently, since they do business globally… point of fact, probably many!  As to Banjo, initial contact was from me, I asked them what the friends of the banjo was all about, then we did a little dialogue, and then Eric sent the bags with the understanding from both sides that Banjo wanted a straight, honest assessment and would be fine even if I hated them( Which I don\’t!  I think they are the best bags made in the price range.. matter of fact even in the next range up!).

  4. Tom Stormcrowe

    As to my LBS, I just started plugging them on my own and they have reciprocated voluntarily, without any expectation at all from me!  Thet were pleased with the exposure, believe me!  They also take the kingd of care of me you\’d expect someone to give a rich sick relative! I don\’t take advantage of them or put them on the spot, because I want the relationship to continue for a LONG time! I\’ve had a couple of catastrophic breakdowns and they got my bike up and rideable quickly and really took care of me!

  5. Zed

    Iain- Unbelievable. That road is fantastic! Does the Tour de Suisse ever get up there? That would make for some awesome cycling shots.

    Tom- I actually wrote a business profile about my LBS when I was a newspaper guy, because the shop owner has his own custom frame business. The article actually got him some business. He offered me a discount on a custom frame, if I ever get one (I probably should\’ve taken him up on the offer, but that\’ll have to be my next bike). I did get a free jersey from him eventually, so that\’s nothing to be ashamed of.

  6. Iain

    Caloi. The Stelvio is one of the highest and most classic Giro climbs.  It featured in last year\’s race. I was lucky enough to be there.  Unfortunately the snow was an avalanche risk so they only let us ride half way (, but they let the pro\’s head straight on up and over!  I am going back this year to give it another go.  Occasionally they close the road to cars to give cyclists a clear run up the pass.

  7. Zed

    That\’s gorgeous. We don\’t have anything like that in North America (that I\’m aware of–and I\’ve lived by the Rocky Mountains all my life).

  8. Big Guy on a Bicycle

    I\’m still waiting for Corti-Slim to call me with a sponsorship offer.
    Let me know if selling out works for you, and see if whoever it is has a \’Big and Tall\’ division for me…

  9. Zed

    I always wonder to myself what kind of person you have to be to snap a picture instead of trying to help the poor soon-to-be-pancaked rider.

  10. Tom Stormcrowe

    Actually, on a high traffic blog, Caloi, they would get exposure equalling that of a major publication that charges 15,000-20,000 dollars to place a full page ad!

  11. Zed

    Mocha, hey man, we gotta keep this family-friendly.

    Tom- it\’s photojournalist, he he. Yeah, I don\’t know about those circulation numbers. When I wrote for a newspaper, it went out to 30,000 people every day. Now, the publication I write for goes out to 300,000 people a month. My blog can\’t quite compete with that, but I still do okay.

  12. uncadan8

    I would probably put soething in about the ability of the bike (in my case, it would be the C-dale R1000 of course!) to transport a person from slow, ponderous wannabe to super speedy, racer-type just by getting on the saddle. Since that is essentially what I am hoping happens when it gets here. I would probably have some kind of fancy-pants morphing photography on a two-page spread to illustrate the possibilities.

  13. Tom Stormcrowe

    I think I\’d hire Iain over at herneweb to do my action shot, then morph in some text ghosted into the image (GIMP os sooooo fun!) reflecting the excitement of using the product! Sound like a winner?

  14. Zed

    Tom- I actually used GIMP last night for the first time. It was a little awkward–I couldn\’t figure out where all of the tools were since I\’m used to Photoshop.
    Hmmm, should I award a winner? Just curious.

    Dan- I like it, but it sounds like a graphic designer\’s nightmare. On the other hand, if done right it could be a portfolio piece.

    Mocha- Hey, don\’t be offended that I deleted your comment. I just gotta prevent google searches from leading people to my blog for THAT reason. Besides, I gotta keep it G-rated for my future posterity.

  15. uncadan8

    Well, it would have to involve a LOT of blurring, that\’s for sure. I have a friend who does some of this stuff; maybe I\’ll have him work up something.

  16. Kelly

    (gulp!) I\’ve been …


    Oh, man. I can\’t tell you how sorry I am. Just joking as usual. But you know I kid. And I\’m NOT at all offended. Puh-lease. Do you know how hard it is to offend me? ME?

    No worries.

  17. uncadan8

    Unfortunately, I have even less ability as a technorati than I do as a cyclist. So whatever you envision as a good concept for my idea will neccesarily have to suffice. May be I\’ll still have my friend work on it an dfigure out how to get it here eventually. I like the stuff you put up. Pretty cool.

  18. Zed

    Mocha- hey, no shame. Thanks for understanding.

    Uncadan- Thanks. I\’m thinking about making it a regular thing–best photomag design of the week or something. What do you think? Good idea?

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