Celebrate the Slick

Some of you may be aware that my chainring shifter has been suffering from some issues lately. It’s just a Tiagra shifter (I was a poor college student not that long ago), so I figured maybe that meant it was time for an upgrade. A new 105 shifter would’ve cost me somewhere in the realm of $60-70, so I knew it would mean I’d have to buy my wife a lot of roses.

I got to chatting with a mechanic at a bike shop about it recently, and he suggested just spraying a bunch of lubricant through the shifter to clean it up. After my rides through the cruddy, sandy roads of SE Idaho, I wouldn’t be surprised if my shifter was just suffering from a case of the crud. So yesterday, I took off the shifter cap and started spraying with my T9 (subtle product endorsement). Sure enough, a bunch of grit came out with the lube and dripped all over the floor (don’t worry, sweetie, I didn’t get any on the carpet!) and, sure enough, my shifter got right back into operation. I did have to make a few more adjustments on the front derailleur itself, but at least now I was in business.

Whip out your Tri-Flow, folks, today is National Celebrate the Bike Lube Day. How fitting, since it snowed 3 or 4 inches here last night. This is something I’ll get ratified by GW next time we meet to discuss mt bike trips in Yellowstone …


5 thoughts on “Celebrate the Slick

  1. Unknown

    *Remind self to look up shifter in bike dictionary*.

    If you do this blog right, with product endorsements and such (and maybe a pretty graphic somewhere), you might just be able to get someone to pay you to write daily.

    It\’s nice when you can find fixes that aren\’t high dollar, isn\’t it? I\’m guessing the more you know about the mechanics of your bike, the more you can determine a real need versus potential high dollar fixes.

    p.s. Whooped by an 18 year old makes sense. It\’s no reflection on you, it\’s a reflection on the power of youth. You are, after all, a waaaaay post-prime senior at the sleep enducing age of 27.

  2. Zed

    I take comfort in the fact that he\’s been racing for the U.S. National Mt bike team since I started riding the road bike, but of course, he was 17 then.
    Hey, I am being paid to write daily–not the blog, but a business-marketing magazine. Believe it or not, I\’ve actually solicited one piece of advertising for this here blog, but I didn\’t get any bites on the line, so I haven\’t really looked into anything else.
    You wanna see the ad I designed for it?

  3. Unknown

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