Okay, there’s more on the way, but first a couple of housekeeping items:

You know my fascination for what google searches lead people to my blog. Well, to my surprise, someone looked up "uphill battle caloi" just yesterday. I can’t help but think that someone out there is looking for me. Weird. Besides that, there are the standard search items:

"istanbul skateparks"

"ducking girls in the swimming pool"

"tour down under cycling cap"

"Specialized Allez expert green"

"Ferrentino bike"

"Cannondale synapse craigslist"

"Lotoja Classic" … just to name a few

So if you came here looking for information about skateparks in Instanbul, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you may have come to the wrong place. You can always forget about skateboarding and change over to cycling, though. You might find this site a little more conducive to your hobbies if you do.

Yes, it has snowed like crazy here (just after the sun melted all the snow in front of our apartment. We’ve noticed that it tends to snow around here on Fridays and Saturdays, and then it melts on Sundays. I suppose it’s fair to tell you that I don’t ride on Sundays for religious reasons, so mother nature obviously has a sense of humor.

And, you might be interested to know that Iban Mayo gave an interview over at cyclingnews. After bashing on Ivan Basso over at Fatty’s, I’m thinking I might root for Mayo this year. The guy doesn’t stand a chance unless he manages to overcome that little self-esteem problem he’s been dealing with. But hey, even the underdogs need some encouragement now and again, right? GO MAYO!

As a last item of business, I was on-campus looking for my wife yesterday when we discovered a book sale at the library–all the books you can fit in a grocery bag for $1 (no, seriously). As I browed the covers, I came across one that stuck out to me. Have you ever heard of Marshall "Major" Taylor? I guess he was the first real bike-racing champ from the U.S., and this children’s book was written about him. Check this out: (And, yes, I bought it)

P.S. For a more informative read about Marshall Taylor, try this link to a bunch of articles about him. That’s some cool history.


5 thoughts on “Brief

  1. Tom Stormcrowe

    I know what you mean, there\’s someone who used (Google Russia) to specifically search for my blog a while back, that\’s why I did the post in Russian a few posts back, using cyrillic letters. Apparently I have readers in Russia, I know for sure about the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam, because I get emailed comments from there to my yahoo address, and my blog was linked through a Malaysian News Feed site as well! How cool is that? Then there is our Spinner crowd as well,  I\’ll tell you, I never in my born days thought I\’d be able to publish from my living room to a global readership! Now if I could just make it pay me $$!::GRIN::

  2. Jord

    I found yours while looking for "good deals on stationary", since then I\’ve been inspired to takeup cycling and will be racing in the tour de france next year.

  3. Zed

    Gee, no name, it\’s not every day I become such an inspiration to someone. Or maybe it is. Either way, you\’re going to have to go on a few more bike rides with me if you\’re planning on the tour this year. No more complaints about cold weather!
    No really, Jord, I think I found a race you might be interested in. Click on the link on the blog entry before this one. It\’s a 12-hour race, and I figure we could get a relay team together for it. What do you think?

    Tom- no joke. I offered some ad space to my favorite bike magazine (conveniently named \’bike\’) just after my time on the BestofMSNspaces, but to no avail. They didn\’t even respond. It\’s too bad for them. I\’m sure I could send some readership their way given the opportunity.

  4. Unknown

    Sorry Caloi, the google search was me!  I only have Fatty\’s site in my favorites and I always link to your site from his. The other day, his site wasn\’t coming up, and I wanted to check yours, so I googled (I am aparently incapable of remembering your url correctly).
    No E-100 soundtrack that I know of, but there is a DVD available. E-mail Boris (the organizer) the guy absolutely lives and breathes the E100 and I\’m if it\’s possible to get a soundtrack, he\’ll hook you up. Boris is in his mid-40\’s, diabetic, and an absolute monster on the bike.
    Warning: terribly cynical/inflamatory statment follows: The first year they can directly test for EPO Mayo goes from unbeatable in the climbs and a high finish in the tour to unable to unable to make up a highway over-pass with the peleton and finishes in the bottom 20%. He totally sucked two years in a row.
    Major Taylor is a great story, and (I don\’t think you mentioned it) he was African American. His story, as is often the case, is somewhat tragic.  Lets see, I checked a book out of the library called something like "hearts of lions" that was about the history of american bicycle racing.  It had a nice long bio on Major Taylor.
    Another very intersting character in the history of american bicycle racing was Art Lonsjo.  He died in a car accident on the way home from a race, but the guy was going to be one of the best racers in the world.  Read more here
    In that book I cited earlier there\’s a picture of lonsjo winning a race and you can see the size and definition of his legs, and the guy had the biggest most defined legs I\’ve ever seen on a cyclist.

  5. Zed

    Rats. There go my celebrity illusions. J/k.
    I e-mailed Boris. That song in the background is awesome. I\’m already driving my wife nuts with it, and I don\’t even know who sings it.
    That is an interesting observation about Mayo. I hadn\’t really thought of it. Thing is, he won the Dauphine in \’04 and then got beat bad in the Tour. That experience didn\’t seem to benefit him much in \’05, but I\’m curious about his abilities. If I were Mayo (and not doping), I\’d probably make the Dauphine my race. Why not? It\’s still an internationally familiar stage race, even if it doesn\’t pay out. At least he won something once.
    Yeah, I\’m thinking about buying Taylor\’s autobiography. I read an excerpt, and it appears he\’s got some really high ideals. I\’ll have to look into Longsjo. The big quads had to have something to do with speedskating. I\’m tellin\’ ya, Botched, you gotta go down to the Oval next year for winter training.

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